Edith Wharton Teaches English

As I mention in my biography (pp. 66-67), an early short story Edith Wharton wrote called “The Line of Least Resistance” caught the eye of Henry James, a writer she was dying to meet.  It was the beginning of a long friendship between “The Master” (as James was known) and the up-and-coming Edith.  That same… [Read More]

Writing and Talking

Awhile back, I wrote a blog (“I Don’t Talk – I Just Write”) about how terrified I was when people discovered I was a published writer and started asking me to do talks. Today I can tell you that not only did I overcome that initial fear, but the talks I do for various audiences… [Read More]

Questions From Kids #2: What Do You Like Best and Least…?

Who do you work for? Actually, I work for myself. As a “freelance”writer I sell my work to any magazine or book publishing company that would like to publish my stories. What do you like best about your job? The fact that I can set my own hours, work very early in the morning or late… [Read More]

Questions From Kids #1: How Long Did It Take You to Finish Your First Book, Wicked Jack?

It took me three weeks plus 10 years. I first heard the story when I was in Graduate Library School at the University of Chicago in 1975 and it made me laugh. Ten years later (and by that time I was married with four children!) it popped into my mind and I started wondering if… [Read More]

Work in Progress #16: Leaving the Interstate

A few weeks ago, I left my desk research, loaded a bunch of books and accordion files into my trunk and drove east. I was on the Interstate for two days before I veered off onto some winding mountain roads that would lead to my destination. “Leaving the Interstate”is the perfect metaphor for the particular… [Read More]

Work in Progress #15: The Joy of a Legal Pad

There’s a time in my writing process when I have been sweating and agonizing and re-thinking how to proceed with a chapter and am terrified to actually start writing it. The amount of material I have to include seems overwhelming, I need to be sure to include enough warm, human parts in the midst of… [Read More]

Common Core State Standards and My Writing

When Publishers Weekly asked public librarians to name the “big issues” they are currently talking about, Common Core was at the top of the list. These librarians see Common Core as an opportunity to spotlight the great nonfiction young library-users have been overlooking for years.  You might want to take a look at their comments… [Read More]

The Children’s Literature Network is Now Offering “Mentors for Rent!”

The Children’s Literature Network has a unique offering called “Mentors for Rent,” a consulting/coaching/critiquing service for writers of children’s or Young Adult books.  Mentors for Rent is … A consulting/coaching/critiquing service for those who write for children or young adults. Two award-winning children’s book writers who have long-term experience as writing teachers and coaches. Happy… [Read More]

Creative Writing Now is Offering a 5-part Audio Course on Writing and Publishing Children’s Books

Interested in starting a career as a children’s book author? Then check out this 5 part audio course. Connie lead the course on writing non-fiction, and the other courses are taught by accomplished writers Linda Leopold Strauss, Sally Derby, Emma Carlson-Berne and Mary Kay Carson. >> Learn More / Purchase the Course Course Contents Write and… [Read More]

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Lesson plans for Just Fine the Way They Are Two education instructors from Earlham College created these 3 lesson plans in Comprehension, Social Studies-Transportation, and Writing to accompany my book about the National Road. >> View/Download lesson plans & resources Just Fine the Way They Are is available as a Book, CD, or Cassette Two education instructors from Earlham College created these… [Read More]