Resources for Preschool Parents – Helping Children To Begin Reading Books

Valerie Garfield, an editor at Simon & Schuster, has started a great new blog on sharing books with preschoolers called “Bookmom.”  Recent posts are “How to Read a Wordless Book,” “How to Read a Book to a Baby and Toddler,” and “Sometimes I Read Books I Hate.”  I’m adding her blog to the Resources tab… [Read More]

Things to Do With Children This Summer – Slow Down and Read To Your Kids. See Reasons Why…

The message that parents should read to their kids is getting out, I know. But how many of us who take that message seriously could list 10 compelling reasons why it’s so important? Below are a number of common sense reasons why the parent-child reading experience affects so many areas in a child’s life so positively…. [Read More]

Leave the Door Open! – 40 Percent of 6-11 Year Olds Wish Their Parents Hadn’t Stopped Reading to Them

My husband and I have four children – all now adults. Reading to them was always a treat for me and watching each of them in turn grow “too old to be read to” was an agony. When my younger two boys, who shared a room and slept in twin beds side by side, were… [Read More]

Politics and Picture Books: A Proposed Lesson for High School Students

If I told you the U. S. Defense Department’s procurement process would be a great subject for a picture book, you might not take me too seriously. The topic sounds complicated and boring and nonfiction writers tend to look for the exotic, the unheard of, the crazy, the bizarre. A good story idea can also… [Read More]

Did You Know Connie Speaks and Presents For School and Community Programs?

Connie is an experienced speaker and presenter who enjoys sharing her passion for writing and her experiences as a writer with audiences of all ages. She has been invited to speak to K-12 and college students, educators, writers’ groups, community, civic and professional organizations, library audiences and seniors – wherever book lovers gather! Connie presented… [Read More]

Connie is Committed to Providing Great Resources for Educators, Librarians, and Writers. See Connie’s List…

Lesson plans for Just Fine the Way They Are Two education instructors from Earlham College created these 3 lesson plans in Comprehension, Social Studies-Transportation, and Writing to accompany my book about the National Road. >> View/Download lesson plans & resources Just Fine the Way They Are is available as a Book, CD, or Cassette Two education instructors from Earlham College created these… [Read More]

Read to Your Dog!

When I think of therapy dogs, I think of dogs assisting blind or disabled people. It turns out dogs can be “Tail Waggin’ Tutors” as well. Yep! Dogs can help teach kids to read! Actually, the dogs are trained to just sit still and listen, which is something we helpful adults are not very good… [Read More]

The Doorway to High Society

In Edith Wharton’s Gilded Age New York, the new-money people were storming the gates of High Society and the Old Guard (people of birth, background, and breeding) were making a vain attempt to keep those gates firmly closed.  Today, Society is open to all comers!  The only requirement to entry is the desire to become… [Read More]

Teacher Resources & Lesson Plans Available For “Just Fine the Way They Are”

Since school will be starting soon, educators and parents who would like to engage their children in some fun learning activities can download lesson plans that accompany Just Fine The Way They Are; From Dirt Roads to Rail Roads to Interstates. Developed by two elementary educators who are also adjunct professors in the Department of… [Read More]

Just For You Teachers

When I asked two educators to create lesson plans for Just Fine the Way They Are, I had no idea how far the term “lesson plan” had evolved since my days as a first grade teacher back in the 1970s. The “Social Studies/Transportation” resources they have written for home-school and classroom teachers are formatted just… [Read More]