Questions From Kids #2: What Do You Like Best and Least…?

Who do you work for? Actually, I work for myself. As a “freelance”writer I sell my work to any magazine or book publishing company that would like to publish my stories. What do you like best about your job? The fact that I can set my own hours, work very early in the morning or late… [Read More]

Questions From Kids #1: How Long Did It Take You to Finish Your First Book, Wicked Jack?

It took me three weeks plus 10 years. I first heard the story when I was in Graduate Library School at the University of Chicago in 1975 and it made me laugh. Ten years later (and by that time I was married with four children!) it popped into my mind and I started wondering if… [Read More]

A Visit to St. Paul’s School

Late on a February Tuesday morning, I packed a pile of books and papers into the back of my car and drove south and then east along some winding Indiana roads that led me further and further into the country. An hour and fifteen minutes later, I arrived at one of the most charming little… [Read More]