Questions From Kids #1: How Long Did It Take You to Finish Your First Book, Wicked Jack?

st-pauls-school-15It took me three weeks plus 10 years. I first heard the story when I was in Graduate Library School at the University of Chicago in 1975 and it made me laugh. Ten years later (and by that time I was married with four children!) it popped into my mind and I started wondering if I should try to write my own version. Initially, I was stumbled by a part of the story that just didn’t make sense: Why, if Jack worked so hard at being mean, why would he ask people to have a meal with him? I had to come up with a reason that fit his ornery but somehow lovable character. Then it hit me: Jack HAD to be nice every once in awhile or he wouldn’t have anyone to be mean to! As soon as that problem was solved I got excited because I felt like I really understood Jack from the inside out. I wrote the first draft in a week. Of course, the polishing and re-writing took several more weeks. A first draft comes fast for me once something sparks my excitement. It’s patiently waiting for the spark that takes all the time.

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