The Children’s Literature Network is Now Offering “Mentors for Rent!”

mentorThe Children’s Literature Network has a unique offering called “Mentors for Rent,” a consulting/coaching/critiquing service for writers of children’s or Young Adult books. 

Mentors for Rent is …

  • A consulting/coaching/critiquing service for those who write for children or young adults.
  • Two award-winning children’s book writers who have long-term experience as writing teachers and coaches.
  • Happy to work with you via Skype, telephone conference call, and/or through written feedback on your manuscript, cover letter, book marketing plan, or writing goals.
  • Ready to tailor your experience to meet your individual needs, at whatever stage of the writing life you find yourself.

Some of our most popular options include…

  • On-the-spot critiques (often of a picture book or a cover letter) via Skype or conference call.
  • In-depth critiques of a longer manuscript or a complete submission package.
  • A Q&A session to help you move ahead with your writing career, via Skype or conference call.
  • Submission research to help you identify publishers or agents who would be a good match for your manuscript(s).
  • Marketing advice and training to help you understand the basics of book marketing and develop the skills and confidence to become an effective marketer yourself.

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