Best Friends Pretend! by Linda Leopold Strauss Reviewed by Connie Nordhielm Wooldridge

Available at Blue Marble Books and many other locations!

Available at Blue Marble Books and many other locations!

Best Friends Pretend! by Linda Leopold Strauss; illustrated by Lynn Munsinger; Scholastic/Cartwheel Books, 2014. 14 pages; $6.99 (board book); reading level:  ages 3-6.

The two “princesses” dressed up in sparkly pinks and purples on the cover are a sure-fire draw for very young girls. But don’t be fooled into thinking they can’t pretend outside the feminine box: these best friends (one black, one white) can be ice-cream truck drivers (“One scoop, two scoops/three scoops, four…If one falls off/we’ll give them more!) and Superheroes (Scary monsters/better hide/find a cave/and run inside) as well as grown-up mothers pushing strollers. Strauss’s rhymes roll off the tongue, Munsinger’s illustrations are a feast for young eyes and after the two heroines have swum with dolphins and brought home stars to keep in jars, their whirlwind journey ends with a great big hug and a “we’ll be friends/forevermore!” Warm and wonderfully energetic, the board book format makes it sturdy enough to weather the repeated readings that are sure to be asked for.

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