The Two Tims by David Elliott Reviewed by Connie Nordhielm Wooldridge

The Two Tims by David Elliott; illustrated by Gabriel Alborozo.  Candlewick, 2016.  32 pages; $15.99 (hardcover); reading level:  4-8.

Tim and Tim (one with blond hair, one with brown) are best friends.  Until Tom comes along.  Blond Tim plays knights with Tom while brown-haired Tim sulks.  Brown-haired Tim crazy-dances with Tom while blond Tim sulks.  When Tom teaches both Tims to swim, the underlying message is clear:  new friends take some getting used to but they bring fun new ideas.  The final illustration (in pen and ink with soft, digitally-produced water color) leaves the reader with a question:  will two Tims and a Tom welcome the red-headed boy who’s just appeared?   The tone here (even through the sulking!) is sunny and the rhythmic text (eight words max per page with “Tim”, “Tom”, “two”, and “too” making multiple appearances) will be easily memorized by the pre-reading audience, giving them wonderful practice at “reading” by themselves.  All the best picture-book elements are here and the result is wonderful!   

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