Douglas, You Need Glasses! by Ged Adamson Reviewed by Connie Nordhielm Wooldridge

DouglasDouglas, You Need Glasses! by Ged Adamson; illustrated by the author; Schwartz & Wade Books/Random House, 2016. 32 pages; $16.99 (hardcover); reading level: ages 3-7.

When Douglas the nearsighted dog mistakes leaves for squirrels, sits so close to the television that no one else can see, and fetches a beehive instead of a ball, his child-owner Nancy makes an adult decision:  She marches Douglas off to the eye doctor.  After getting every animal on the eye chart wrong and obsessing about which frames to choose, Douglas looks through new spectacles at a spectacular new world.  The pencil and watercolor illustrations carry much of the story and the humor, providing great opportunities for conversation.  A final two-page spread shows eighteen real kids wearing real glasses and gives instruction on how readers can post pictures of their own.  A child assuming the authority role in the classic “you need glasses” drama might just give young readers the perspective they need to make the trip to the eye doctor with anticipation rather than dread.

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