Up and Coming Writers

Those of us involved with books – writers, editors, librarians, teachers – worry a lot about the whole reading and writing process.  Will there be people in the next generation willing to read challenging literature?  Will there be people in the next generation who can write articulately? I can name one for sure.  She is… [Read More]

Arguing With Friends

I met one of my oldest friends in Athens where we both attended a year-long college program. Together we studied the architecture of the Parthenon, flew to Cairo and rode camels, and spent endless hours deciding which Greek island we would sail to next. When the year came to an end, she departed for her… [Read More]

Edith Wharton…Pleased

Connie & Emily Tarjick, poet Edith Wharton would have been enormously pleased at the event that took place at her former home – The Mount – on Saturday, April 29. She would have been pleased with the guests: aspiring high school writers who participated in the Edith Wharton Writing Contest, families and friends, published authors,… [Read More]


The biography that first introduced me to Edith Wharton was Shari Benstock’s  No Gifts From Chance (1994).  From there, I worked my way back to R.W.B. Lewis’ Edith Wharton; A Biography (1975) and then forward to Hermione Lee’s Edith Wharton (2007).  By the time I’d devoured these three books I was grabbing anyone I met… [Read More]