Edith Wharton Safe at Home – The Mount in Lenox, Massachusetts is a Place Worth Visiting!

When I visit the home of a historical figure, the thing I’m looking for is sense of that long ago human being. I want to feel the very presence of the person, imagine him moving through the rooms, see her puttering in the garden or taking a book off the shelf to read. Edith Wharton… [Read More]

A LOOK BACK… Happy 150th Birthday, Edith Wharton!

A 150th birthday is cause for celebration – and not just for one day! The Mount will be commemorating Edith Wharton’s 150th birthday throughout 2012 and you’ll want to keep an eye on events as they’re posted. While most people are impressed with Edith Wharton’s intelligence, it’s her boundless energy that continues to stun me…. [Read More]

I Don’t Talk – I Just Write

Here’s something I didn’t consider before I got into this writing business:  As soon as you’ve published something, various groups start wanting you to talk to them.  My first invitation came from one of my sons’ classroom teachers.  What I (terrified!) wanted to say was:  “I don’t talk – I just write.”  What fell out… [Read More]

Edith Wharton…Pleased

She would have been pleased with the guests: aspiring high school writers who participated in the Edith Wharton Writing Contest, families and friends, published authors, and people from near and far who simply love books and reading. She would have been pleased at the world class staff that was on hand to show her house… [Read More]

Connie Wooldridge To Be Keynote Speaker at “2011 Edith Wharton Writing Competition” Awards

Edith Wharton Writing Competition April 30th 2011 – 3:00 PM -5:00 PM The Mount, 2 Plunkett Street, Lenox, MA 01240 Event is Free & Open to the Public More Information Writing Competition Winners (413) 551-5111 info@EdithWharton.org