Work in Progress #23: Terrified! It’s Time to Make a Large Point in My Emily Post Biography

Emily Post Later in Life

Emily Post Later in Life

I have been writing for two hours, not one word of it on my actual manuscript. I have reached the place where I have to make a large point. Everything in the book has been leading to this moment. I probably have a paragraph…two at the very most…to say some very conclusive things and I am terrified!

So I have been alternately scribbling on a legal pad and typing on a document entitled “Emily, extra thoughts” all morning. I have scribbled (and then typed) words and words and more words. I have sat and thought, looking out the window at trees and cars and people. Then I have written more words. Somewhere in thicket of all these words are the exact ones I need to express – in a paragraph or maybe two – exactly what I need to say.

Tonight, my husband will know I’ve gone “distant.” I will be thinking about this paragraph (or two…will I have the luxury of two???) all evening. Tomorrow, when I hit the gym and shower, I will still be thinking. When I again settle in to write – even after all the thinking – I may well fail to produce my paragraph. So I’ll try again the next day and then the day after that, if need be. I have to believe I will find the words I’m in search of very soon, before I lose courage and begin to question whether or not I’m a Real Writer.

I guess that’s the writing life. One day, several pages dashed off without breaking a sweat.  And then….these terrifying, make-or-break moments.

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