Vegetables in Underwear by Jared Chapman Reviewed by Connie Nordhielm Wooldridge

Vegetables in UnderwearVegetables in Underwear by Jared Chapman; illustrated by the author; Abrams/Appleseed, 2015.  32 pages; $14.94 (hardcover); reading level:  ages 4 and under.

What item of clothing is more fascinating to a potty-training-aged fashionista than underwear? And what food is more on the minds of the fashionista’s care-givers than vegetables? Chapman gives a nod to both by dressing a garden of vegetables in underwear of all kinds and colors and sizes and parading them across the pages of this funny, wacky picture book. The result is a joyous celebration of skivvies! The syllogistic reasoning (underwear is hip, vegetables are wearing underwear, therefore vegetables are hip) is irrefutable; the message (everyone wears underwear except babies…”Sorry babies!”) is oh so clear; and after underwear has become part of the young fashionista’s daily routine, the book will undoubtedly be read and re-read as a way of rejoicing in the achievement.

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