Steam Jobs in Cyber-Security by Cynthia Argentine Reviewed by Connie Nordhielm Wooldridge

Steam Jobs in Cyber-Security by Cynthia Argentine; Rourke Educational Media, 2019. 48 pages; $10.95 (paperback); reading level: grades 4-8.

This book’s lively page layout will be the first thing to engage young readers. A traditional text is surrounded by three running sidebars suggesting a computer screen with multiple open windows. But Argentine’s words more than hold their own: the author deftly covers a lot of territory (how hackers operate, why we should care, how we can defend against them) in simple, easy-to-process sentences. Technical vocabulary (which she doesn’t shy away from) is boldfaced, explained through context, and defined in an appended glossary. Dispelling the notion that cyber-security is a field restricted to science and math majors, Argentine plays up the creative thinking and communication skills necessary to succeed in the field. Does the title fulfill its promised focus on cyber-security jobs? Absolutely! A wide range of employment opportunities such as cyber-security administrator, engineer, architect, and lawyer, to name a few, are spotlighted in sidebars and listed in an appended chart that matches jobs with the skills, knowledge, and suggested college majors each might require. Thoroughly researched and energetically written, this book is perfect for young readers who know a lot or next to nothing about the subject. Adults looking to keep up with those young readers might also want to sneak a peek.

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