Preschool Day Hooray! – Reviewed by Connie Nordhielm Wooldridge

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Preschool Day Hooray!

Written by Linda Leopold Strauss; illustrated by Hiroe Nakata; Cartwheel Books/Scholastic, 2010.  22 pages; $8.99 (hardback); ages 2-5.

A simple, rhyming text follows a little boy through a day at preschool from the rush to get there (“Tick-tock clock/Makes Mommy scoot”), to various activities (“Painty hands and/Gooey glue”), to a tumble on the playground (“Rainbow Band-Aid,/No more crying!”), to snack time, to nap time, and then – reassuringly – to the reappearance of Mommy at the end of the day.  The pages are sturdy, the illustrations are bright and filled with the exuberant, controlled chaos of a typical preschool day, and the final page sports a surprise fold-out.  The ideal book for skeptical toddlers about to take the preschool plunge or for preschool veterans.

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