More Letters From Edith!

Connie Speaking at "The Mount"

Just as my Edith Wharton biography was going to press, a stash of letters from Edith to her governess (and later secretary) was discovered.  How can I get my hands on those? I wondered.  The answer wasn’t long in coming.  In April of 2011, when I spoke at The Mount, I met Irene Goldman-Price who was hard at work editing the very letters I was lusting after!

Irene’s book My Dear Governess; The Letters of Edith Wharton to Anna Bahlmann, will be available at the end of May and the reviews indicate she’s done a particularly wonderful job of locating  the letters in the context of Edith’s life.  I know from hard experience that Edith’s energetic travels made it hard to keep up with her.

Expect a review as soon as my pre-ordered copy arrives in the mail!