Jane Friedman’s Blog is An Outstanding Resource for Writers

Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman

Jane Friedman (former publisher of Writer’s Digest) caught my eye with this quote from her online bio: “I have a special interest in how the digital age is affecting and transforming writing careers, publishing, and storytelling.” I had heard glowing things about her before attending the July 2016 Midwest Writer’s Workshop at Ball State University (which was outstanding!) and was blown away by her presentations there. Signing up for her blog was the first item on my post-conference action list.

Friedman’s blog is a goldmine for both new and seasoned writers and especially for those who started writing in the pre-Internet age and are struggling to negotiate this bewildering new world. Friedman and her guest writers cover nitty gritty writing problems (“2 Keys to Unlock Your Momentum,” “5 Ways to Keep Writing When Life Intervenes”), they address the craft of writing (“5 Ways to Develop Your Writer’s Voice”) and they cover the marketing part of the business that each one of us has to master (“5 Common Mistakes That Even Longtime Bloggers Make”).

I strongly urge all you writers out there to check it out!

Connie Nordhielm Wooldridge, Author

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Connie is an experienced speaker and presenter who enjoys sharing her passion for writing and her experience as a writer with readers and writers of all ages. She has presented to students, community, civic and professional organizations, writing groups, library audiences, and seniors – wherever book lovers gather!
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