Where’s Walrus? – Reviewed by Connie Nordhielm Wooldridge

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Where’s Walrus?

Written and illustrated by Stephen Savage; Scholastic Press, 2011.32 pages; $16.99 (hardback); ages 2-5.

The gates to the zoo are open but, alas, there are no visitors. While the zookeepersnoozes, walrus sneaks away. In wordless two-page spreads, walrus eludes thezookeeper (belatedly awake) by donning various hats and blending in with a statue ona fountain, some workmen, some painters in the park… The zookeeper is flummoxedbut “readers” will take great delight in helping him out. The happy conclusion findsa hatless walrus winning a medal and crowds thronging to the zoo. Simple, blockillustrations with primary colors popping out of neutral backgrounds will keep alert youngeyes focused. Great fun!

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