The John Ericsson Society Celebrating The 150th Anniversary Of The Monitor Being Launched!

Thankyou Very Much Captain Ericsson!

If you’re a Civil War buff, you’ll remember that, 150 years ago, under the direction of Thomas Fitch Rowland (owner of Continental Works located on the East River in Brooklyn) and John Ericsson (designer of the Union Civil War Ironclad USS Monitor), skilled craftsmen laid the ship’s keel on October 25, 1861 and worked feverishly to complete her within the 100-day deadline specified in their contract with the United States Navy. The USS Monitor was launched 100 (business!) days later on January 30, 1862.

The John Ericsson Society will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of these historic events in Brooklyn, New York on January 28-30. The schedule includes a history fair, a wine and cheese reception, a Civil War concert, and a parade to the launch site.

For details, contact the Greenpoint Monitor Museum at (718) 383-2637 or Mr. Leif Brisfjord, president of the John Ericsson Society.

For More information about John Ericsson, check out my book Thank You Very Much Captain Ericsson!