Scenes From a Writer’s Life

Connie Nordhielm Wooldridge

Since this is my very first entry, I thought I’d start by describing what I imagine this blog will look like. The title “Scenes From a Writer’s Life” will give you something of an idea. I’d like to give you some snapshots – “wordshots” really – from my life: things I’ve been and done and thought, all of them relating, one way or another to my writing.

I was a writer before I ever put a word on paper. I have always wondered how to tell people things so that they would enjoy hearing what I said. I have always puzzled over how I could communicate to my parents or my friends the terrible or sad or funny thing that happened at school so that they would understand just how it was.

The thought of writing a formal autobiography makes me quake. But running spontaneously to various points in my life, from my young years to the more recent ones, capturing the incidents that come to mind, and putting them in some sort of context is something I think I’ll really enjoy. So, if you’re up for reading my ramblings, I’m up for giving you something to read at least two or three times a month.

Someone once described Jean Piaget as a person with a “classificatory zeal.” As a former librarian, I, too have a classificatory zeal. I like things to be sorted so that I can find them. So these blogs will be accessible in two ways: first by the order in which they are posted and second by the chronological date in which the events took place.

I hope you visit often!