Elizabeth Starr Academy School Visit

Elizabeth Starr AcademyIf you think that national school standards are creating cookie-cutter schools, I wish you could have tagged along with me on my last school visit!

The Elizabeth Starr Academy, which I visited for Author Day along with Josh Brown, Diana Medler, Randy Wisehart, and Natalie Goeke Proudfoot, has created a “Discovery Zone”: a micro-society with officers, a common council, and micro “businesses” that teach students “how to be successful in the real world.”

I was invited to talk about the business of selling stories to publishing companies to students in pre-school, Kindergarten, and first grade. It was a younger audience than usual for me but I found that you’re never too young to be curious about how books come into being. The never-give-up grit it takes to become a published author is also something all ages can relate to.

Congratulations to the Elizabeth Starr Academy staff for taking the time and energy to stage such a beautifully-run event!

UPDATE:  A testimonial from Starr Academy….

“I’m not sure how to even tell you how awesome you were yesterday. What a way of relating to our small students you have. Even the teachers were engaged in your presentation. It takes a village and you certainly are part of it. Again, thanks for taking your time and energy to be a part of influencing our very young students.”
– Joyce Relly, Elizabeth Starr Academy, Richmond, IN

Images of My Visit to the Elizabeth Starr Academy