Word Choice

Moving and Enlightening A Reader…

Suggested Activities

  1. Read and discuss the text, Just Fine the Way They Are.  Before you begin; prompt students to listen for language that the author uses that is rich, colorful, and precise.   As a class, generate a list of words or phrases that moved or enlightened the reader.
  2. As a class, brainstorm different reasons why certain words or phrases were memorable.  Some examples could be:
    • To move the reader emotionally
    • To move the reader to a new vision of ideas
    • To enlighten the reader
    • To describe
    • To create a visual image
    • To create a sensory image
    • To enhance and enrich the content
    • To clarify or expand ideas
  3. Divide the class into small groups.  Give each group a copy of the Word Choice Chart to complete.  In addition, each group could add additional words or phrases they found in the text.
  4. Come back together as a class and discuss the group’s chart.  As a whole class, you could create a class table recording each group’s thinking.

Have A Go

  1. Have students select a piece of their own writing and highlight examples of good word choice.
  2. Have students rework a piece of their own writing, deciding where they need to make better word choices.
  3. Have students record on a sticky note examples of rich, colorful, precise language from their own writing and place them on the class table.