Transportation Museum

Forms of transportation change and evolve…

Create a transportation Museum…

Whole class activity

  1. Read and discuss the text Just Fine the Way They Are as a class.
  2. As a class brainstorm different types of transportation that have been used throughout history.  Make sure to include transportation over land, air, and water.
  3. After individual research has been completed, students could place types of transportation on a time line in order to visually connect to how transportation changes and evolves throughout time.

Small group or individual activity

  1. Have students select a type of transportation to research and present in a class “museum.”  Research could include, but not be limited to:
    • Date transportation began being used
    • Purpose for use
    • How transportation changed and evolved…did it progress or cease to be used?
    • Inventor or group who originally used the transportation
    • How the transportation works
    • A 3-dimensional model or a diagram of the mode of transportation
  2. Information could be presented in several ways.  Students could set up displays with gathered information and models and allow visitors to browse the displays.  Students could also prepare presentations to be given orally to an audience.

Reader’s Response Questions

  • Why do you think transportation changes over time?
  • What are your predictions for future modes of transportation?
  • What type of transportation do you wish were available for you to personally use?